PS5, Sony aims to ship 14.8 million units in the next fiscal year

PS5, Sony aims to ship 14.8 million units in the next fiscal year
Sony aims to distribute 14.8 million PS5s over the next fiscal year, which will end on March 31, 2022: chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki announced it during the latest meeting with investors.

Yes these are numbers certainly within the reach of the Japanese company, which refer to those scored by PS4 during the debut period, and which can count on the solid base of the 4.5 million PlayStation 5 sold so far.

" We will try to surpass the numbers of the PS4 launch by reaching 7.6 million units before the end of the current fiscal year: this is a goal within our reach, "said Totoki, confirming the forecast to sell at least another 3 million. console by March 2021.

"As for the next fiscal year, we believe that the strong demand for PS5 will continue. We will try to procure the necessary components to total the same numbers as the second year of P S4, 14.8 million units, but we would like to surpass them. "

" The problem is the global shortage of semiconductors. When we try to increase production capacity, the difficulties related to the international situation arrive on time. However, we are doing our best to surpass the PS4 distributed. "

Sony is therefore in competition with itself, and has set itself the difficult goal of surpassing the numbers of PlayStation 4 despite the well-known problems related to it to the pandemic and its disastrous influence on production lines.

Difficulties quite similar to those that Microsoft is probably facing, which by now should have sold about 3.5 million Xbox Series X>>>> | S.