Pokémon, dizzying increase in sales of collectible cards on Ebay

Pokémon, dizzying increase in sales of collectible cards on Ebay
The Pokémon trading cards have registered a truly dizzying increase in sales on Ebay during 2020. Think that they have grown by as much as 500%, as revealed by the platform itself. This is a really important percentage, which explains the unobtainability of packages, especially in the United States.

The phenomenon actually has a precise explanation, which we have already reported in part: the unpacking of Pokémon cards is become fashionable on YouTube, Twitch and the like, especially thanks to characters like Logan Paul (who fortunately stopped using the corpses of suicides to create a sensation), who are spending crazy money to get the rarest packages, so as to show them in their video.

Pokémon trading cards have largely driven the entire sector, which has seen an overall increase of 142% on Ebay. The most valuable card, sold for $ 350,000, was a 1999 Base 1st Edition Holo Shadowless Charizard.

Ebay expects the trend to continue throughout 2021, peaking around February 27, the day of the 25th anniversary of the saga. It is easy to predict that everything will deflate when influencers start to devote themselves to something else.

A trading card of the Source Pokémon
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