Mercedes thinks of a 3-door electric city crossover

Mercedes thinks of a 3-door electric city crossover
The electric car market is constantly expanding and Mercedes is working on new interesting models to be able to establish itself in this new green world; as far as the range of the German brand is concerned, there is a gap in the B segment, as there is no model below the GLA.

This shortcoming may come short as Mercedes is developing a city crossover with length 4.10 meters to be presented by 2023; it will be a brand new and entry level model, based on the MFA2 platform of the older sisters and therefore with the possibility of being 100% electric to satisfy new customers.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA Stylistically it should resume, alongside the rest of the EQ range, lines similar to those of the 2017 EQA Concept, sporting rounded shapes and a characteristic 3-door bodywork; this choice may seem controversial but it would give a clear differentiation between A-Class, GLA, EQA and the "entry level" versions of the segment.

Up to now these are all indiscretions, the German brand has in fact neither confirmed nor denied the rumors circulating after the statements of Axel Heix, head of compact Mercedes, which anticipated how the flexibility of the MFA2 platform could also benefit the sector of the smallest ones, being able to introduce cutting-edge solutions for the coming years; these statements are, however, starkly at odds with what Ola Källenius, CEO of Daimler, said, underlining the shift in priorities and complaining of space for further smaller models.

The decade of the Green revolution has just begun and there will certainly be some interesting implications in the coming months as regards the world of electric cars; we are only at the beginning of the year and the Tesla Model S and Model X refresh has been introduced, not to mention the numerous rumors for the future $ 25,000 model by Elon Musk.

Other manufacturers like Nissan are focusing on the recycling of batteries, a problem that must be addressed and which will become increasingly important.