GTA 6: setting and historical period revealed? Still far out

GTA 6: setting and historical period revealed? Still far out
In the Olympus of the most rumored games we certainly find GTA 6 too. The new chapter of Rockstar's open world saga has not yet been officially announced, but the rumors related to this sixth chapter have been traveling quickly through the web for months, if not years. After the leaks that pointed out a possible hidden date by Rockstar in the latest update of GTA 5, an insider seems to reveal a whole series of new information.

The leaker, who remained anonymous, has proposed a session of questions and answers with fans of the saga within the social 4chan. Among the answers to the many questions that were asked, the leaker went very deep and did not just reveal some quick previews. For example, GTA 6 will have a chapter structure very similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, with the initial part of the game taking place in the late 1970s.

The leaker also leans on the launch period , which he says will take place no earlier than October 2023. The main setting will include both the city of Miami and part of the state of Florida. A tertiary area is also mentioned that could act as an interlude, a bit like the island of Guarma in Red Dead Redempion 2. Finally, curious the statements about the protagonist, who, according to the anonymous leaker, once he learned the name would be a spoiler also for the rest of the plot that will tell GTA 6.

Along with these new alleged leaks, on Reddit you can find the list that includes all the information recently provided by the anonymous leaker. The list is incredibly long, and you can check it out for yourself by visiting the post on Reddit at this address. What do you think of this latest information on GTA 6? Do you believe that there is some truth in the words of this leaker?

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