GTA 6: the release date is hidden in the latest GTA Online update?

GTA 6: the release date is hidden in the latest GTA Online update?
There is great expectation from gamers all over the world for the next move by Rockstar Games, the software house whose next project will most likely be Grand Theft Auto 6, the sixth chapter of the acclaimed series whose online mode still manages to attracting millions of fans.

And it is in GTA Online that an important clue to the next iteration of the criminal series may be hiding. We refer specifically to the Grand Theft Auto Online update a few days ago, which introduced a new heavy vehicle that takes the name of Vetir. According to fans, the promotional image of the vehicle was used by the software house to spread a clue about the next project and its release date: to be precise, the font used in the advertising banner makes it seem that the letter V and the left part of the E form the Roman number six, or VI. On the other hand, analyzing the remaining letters, the graphical modality through which the remaining letters are represented makes it seem that that truck can instead hide three numbers: 7, 1 and 1.

However unlikely ( we want to say impossible), many are convinced that all this could lead to the imminent announcement of the title for a publication on 7 November 2021 (precisely 7/11), but it cannot be excluded that it may also refer to the reveal of the game in the course of the summer, perhaps on 11 July 2021. Or maybe it refers to a possible announcement of the game? Or more likely, there is no hidden reference in the logo ...

Have you read any rumors about the possible arrival of a GTA Trilogy?

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