It Takes Two: Release date of the co-op game known

It Takes Two: Release date of the co-op game known
With It Takes Two an interesting new platformer awaits us, which is designed purely for co-op gameplay. The game by Hazelight, the BAFTA-winning studio behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, tells the story of the falling out couple Cody and May, who have to overcome their differences in order to master many challenges and a lesson for life to learn.

A co-op game with a lot of humor

"At Hazelight we keep trying to push the boundaries of what is expected of games, and It Takes Two (now buy 39.99 €) will turn your head! ", says Josef Fares, founder and game director of Hazelight Studios. "We've taken everything we've learned in previous games and taken it a step further by combining the narrative and gameplay mechanics in a cross-genre experience. Players will face fantastic challenges in a beautiful world that is different than anything you've seen so far. It will completely turn the expectations of co-op games on their head! "

The platformer allows you to invite a friend for free and master the challenges together. One controls Cody, the other May, who have both been turned into dolls and are now trapped in a fantastic world. Only when both of them work together is it possible to break the curse. For this it is necessary to use the special abilities of the characters in such a way that you overcome obstacles together, beat gangster squirrels or fly around with underpants. The game relies on a lot of humor and team play.

"We're excited to be working with Hazelight on their second EA Originals release," said Steve Pointon, senior vice president of third-party content and development for Electronic Arts. "Hazelight's unique storytelling method combines gameplay and narration into an immersive and exciting experience. We can't wait for players to experience first-hand the innovation, talent and craftsmanship that have led to the development of this game. "

It Takes Two will be released on March 26, 2021 for PC via Origin and Steam as well as for PS5 / PS4 and Xbox Series X / S as well as Xbox One.

Source: Press release