Google Meet, Chromebook improvements

Google Meet, Chromebook improvements
Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers have had to adopt distance learning. Access to services such as Google Meet has therefore increased, but also the number of Chromebooks sold. The Mountain View company has announced a series of innovations that improve the user experience with notebooks based on Chrome OS.

Google Meet: better performance on Chromebooks

Although Chromebooks are on sale with high-end hardware equipment, most of them have an affordable price to everyone. On these models you can encounter problems during video conferencing, so Google has optimized its service to allow other applications to run during distance learning.

The improvements introduced in Google Meet allow you to use the visualization at grid in Chrome OS, without reducing the performance of other apps, such as Classrom, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The operating system also avoids unnecessary background audio / video processing.

Google Meet can also detect network status and dynamically change video resolution or frame rate , for example when the students or the teacher share the screen. You can also temporarily disable certain video feeds to avoid disconnection.

These improvements are not exclusive to Meet. Google has in fact worked together with Zoom to optimize the operation of the service on Chromebooks. Zoom also adjusts performance based on device, number of participants, and network status. The minimum hardware and software requirements are listed on the support site.

Source: Google