Fortnite: Travis Scott's skin may soon return to the store

Fortnite: Travis Scott's skin may soon return to the store
Astronomical, the concert that Travis Scott held in Fortnite, is remembered as one of the biggest events ever held in Epic Games' free-to-play. When it aired last April, there were 12 million players watching the rapper's visionary journey, which took him from the depths of the sea to the immensity of space.

On that occasion, Epic Games has made available an exclusive skin based on the features of the real Travis Scott (together with other objects from the same set), who like many other costumes linked to a limited event has subsequently disappeared from the store to never return. In the meantime, it has become one of the most desired skins in the community, as well as a great pride for those who have managed to purchase it.

Well, it could soon become less rare. Hypex, one of Fortnite's best-known leakers, after analyzing the game's data, stated that "Travis Scott's skin could be back in the store on February 10". The date was not pulled out at random, since in some US states such as Missouri and Texas, February 10 is identified as Travis Scott Day.

Obviously there is no certainty at all. about it, so we advise you to take Hypex's words as a mere rumor. One thing is sure though: next Wednesday we will be eagerly awaiting the daily update of the in-game store!
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