Fortnite 15.30: Snake Eyes, the Mando Sizes MAT and Super Bowl skins arrive

Fortnite 15.30: Snake Eyes, the Mando Sizes MAT and Super Bowl skins arrive
Fortnite's new 15.30 update brought many new features including a new The Mandalorian-themed MAT as well as the National Football League Super Bowl skins and the Snake Eyes costume from G.I. Joe ... and more.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Snake Eyes

The Snake Eyes costume is available now in the Fortnite store, the Clan Arashikage set includes the skin of the famous GI ninja Joe and the Katana Pickaxe.

MAT Mando Bounties

Being the best bounty hunter on the island is one thing, being the best in the galaxy is another. In the new Mando Bounty LTM you will have to try to become the best hunter among all the opponents ... but be careful: if you are in the lead, you will be the bounty driven by the Mandalorian.

The Mando Bounties event is available from today until February 9th, by winning the MAT you will unlock the Beskar commemorative umbrella.

MAT Brawl to NFL Teams

In Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7 Epic launches NFL Team Brawl MAT starring Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fortnite Creative Mode

Game Over

There will always be winners and losers and now you can decide who will be what by pressing a button with the new endgame device.

Dress to impress

Have your players change whenever they want with the phone booth device, which introduces the same quick change feature already seen in Party Reale.

Lever Action Shotgun

The latest heavy shotgun added to Fortnite is now available in Creative! Use the Lever Action Shotgun in your matches to keep up with this season's loot.


With the new setting for islands Start with a pickaxe, you decide if players will be able to take a pickaxe to the shooting!