Fallout 76 protagonist on OfflineTV Rust: Shroud's comment

Fallout 76 protagonist on OfflineTV Rust: Shroud's comment
After commenting on the characteristics of PS5, the streamer Shroud continues in his business, including direct, gameplay sessions and discussions with his community.

From one of the latter, Michael "Shroud was born in the mind. "Grzesiek an idea for one of the next series of OfflineTV Rust, a group made up of famous content creators who made different types of productions. During a live stream during which he dedicated himself to the transmission of a game session on Fallout 76, a passionate part of the audience proposed in chat to transform the online title of the protagonist of a series of events of the very popular format.

Initially rather skeptical, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek later pondered the proposal more carefully, coming to the conclusion that it may indeed be a very good idea. In spite of some organizational issues, he suggests, it might be interesting to be able to generate a game in which participants are evenly divided by areas at the time of spawn, for example two in the vault, two in the prisons and two in the mine area. br>
After a rather complex launch, Bethesda's online title has seen the birth of a community of fans, who continue to take advantage of the post launch support offered to the title by the software house. Recently, for example, a Valentine-themed event for Fallout 76 kicked off in-game.

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