Smart heating: it has never been so cheap

Smart heating: it has never been so cheap
Using smart thermostatic valves at home means creating a nervous system that connects a central intelligence to a peripheral control, thus being able to calibrate the temperature in the individual rooms in a capillary way, with programmed times and with maximum convenience of remote control. If all this is accompanied by a 20% discount, applied at affordable prices (just over 100 euros to control up to 4 heaters), then this home automation "nervous system" takes shape easily.

Smart thermostatic valves: this is the best price ever

The offer is linked to a Meross bundle that brings together four thermostatic valves at a price of only 107.19 euros. The MTS100H model (the central hub) is available in the bundle, accompanied by three MTS100s: the number of MTS100s can subsequently vary, thus increasing the coverage of the house even if starting from the single central hub already installed.

Valves smart thermostats

Thanks to these valves you can remotely manage the temperature in individual rooms, controlling the heating from your smartphone when you enter and exit or reprogram it with easy controls on your display. Given the compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant, everything can also be controlled simply with a voice command that further facilitates the management of the microclimate of the individual rooms.

Today's price is the best price ever achieved by this type of valves, even falling below the price of over 20 euros compared to the price of the Christmas offers: a real opportunity, in short, destined to last a few hours before bringing the bundle back above 130 euros.