Dungeons & Dragons: Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith join the cast

Dungeons & Dragons: Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith join the cast
The cast of the live-action film by Dungeons & Dragons is enriched again, which is also joined by Michelle Rodriguez, known above all for Fast And Furious, and Justice Smith, protagonist in Detective Pikachu.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, the duo behind the hit Game Night - Guess Who's Dying Tonight ?, are ready to direct the film based on the popular fantasy RPG from Wizards on the Coast. The two also wrote the latest version of the script based on an earlier draft by Michael Gilio.

Hasbro, eOne and Paramount are jointly producing and funding the entire project, with eOne distributing it in the UK and in Canada and Paramount which will distribute it in the rest of the world.

Dungeons & Dragons is a board game born in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, which gave life to everything the publishing line linked to role-playing games, becoming the most widespread and well-known among them, with about 20 million players all over the world, a wide range of translations in many languages ​​and over 1 billion dollars in sales of manuals and accessories .

Players find themselves interpreting the characters they create in a fantasy-medieval adventure that combines humans, elves, orcs and hundreds of other creatures in a vast world. The game uses multi-sided dice that allow certain conditions to occur based on the result of the various throws (as well as the success of an attack or a certain action) and is supervised by "Dungeon Maste r", which pulls the strings of the entire game.

It is not known if the story of the film will be completely invented and will retrace some stylistic features of the game, if it will tell something inherent to the mythology told in the game itself, or if, in perfect Jumanji style, the players will find themselves inside.

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