COD Black Ops Cold War and Jump Shotting, partial turnaround: penalty reduced

COD Black Ops Cold War and Jump Shotting, partial turnaround: penalty reduced
Balancing a game like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War isn't easy at all, and the constant tweaks that Treyarch is forced to do are proof of this. Just one day after introducing a penalty to discourage the Jump Shot technique, the company again intervened on the game code to make a partial turnaround.

On February 5th, to discourage players from doing "jump shotting" "(common technique in a competitive environment that saw them jump from elevated positions in the corners of maps to catch oncoming enemies by surprise), Treyarch released a patch that introduced a penalty to movement speed and height of jumps after the 'landing. In this way, after a jump, players were almost stuck for a very short period of time.

Well, the change was deemed too drastic, so with the new patch on February 6 the developers have slightly reduced the penalty to the speed and height of the jump after landing from a jump. They also took the opportunity to fix a rare crash issue in Gunfight mode, a bug that prevented the helicopter carrying the Cure Pack (Scorestreak) from being destroyed via launchers, improved stability of the game experience in the new Zombies Firebase Z map and corrected the display problems affecting the medals, the score / time limit indicators in different modes.

We take this opportunity to report that, to celebrate the arrival of the new contents of Season 1 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, a weekend with double experience points is underway.

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