Canon PowerShot PICK: AI takes photos for you

Canon PowerShot PICK: AI takes photos for you
The new Canon PowerShot PICK is not a camera like all the others in the group and you understand it from the first glance at the design: the shape is more reminiscent of a video surveillance device with the upper part able to rotate up to 360 degrees for observe everything around him. The strong point, however, is another, it integrates an artificial intelligence system that allows it to automatically acquire images and videos when it detects something of interest, for example someone smiling.

The Canon camera that goes it alone

Activation can also be done via voice commands or through a mobile application as shown in the demonstration video below. At the moment PowerShot PICK is offered only in Japan at a price of 40,900 yen, the equivalent of about 323 euros. The sale takes place at first exclusively on the Makuake crowdfunding platform (link at the end of the article).

The concept, although interesting, will not fail to make those who consider a technology turn up their noses of this potentially invasive type in terms of privacy: delegating the control of image acquisition within the home environment to an artificial intelligence could trigger fears, but on balance a camera for indoor surveillance works not too much dissimilar.

Those who follow the news of the sector the product will recall Google Clips, a device based on the same operating principle (but not able to rotate on itself) announced in 2017 by the Mountain View group and then abandoned in autumn 2019.

Source: Makuake