Call of Duty Warzone: new wave of bans, cheaters are short-lived

Call of Duty Warzone: new wave of bans, cheaters are short-lived
Call of Duty Warzone, since it debuted on the market almost a year ago, has received a respectable reception from the many fans of the COD brand. While Activision's battle royale is proving to be a title suitable for all players, on the flip side the game is still heavily infested with several rogue players who use cheats to get the better of honest fans.

On February 2nd Activision announced it had banned 60,000 cheaters and hackers within Call of Duty Warzone. Apparently, however, it seems that the company's move was only the tip of the iceberg. A week after that wave of bans, it's up to Raven Sofware to notify COD battle royale players that other rogue users have been turned away with the baddies from the hit title.

The announcement was made by Raven Software herself in a recent post published on Twitter. In addition to confirming a new wave of bans that was implemented over the past day, the development team confirmed that further bans will be carried out very soon. Not everyone rejoices at this confirmation, because as some fans are pointing out, the various cheaters are ready to return with a new account.

Another ban wave today across #Warzone. Stepping up anti-cheat efforts on all fronts. More to come. Let's keep Warzone clean!

- Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) February 9, 2021

For sure the teams who are constantly working on Call of Duy Warzone know they are putting in a lot of effort to keep the game as clean as possible. At the moment Raven has not stated how many cheaters have been banned in recent days, but seeing the teams so active certainly makes the many fans who populate the much-loved battle royale set in the COD universe a little calmer. What do you think of this umpteenth new wave of bans in Call of Duty Warzone?

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