Bitcoin exceeds $ 48,000, a new record

Bitcoin exceeds $ 48,000, a new record
At the time this article is written and published, a Bitcoin is trading at $ 46,332.70 (or € 38,180.12), but just a few hours ago the cryptocurrency par excellence set a new record reaching $ 48,226.25. br>

New record for Bitcoin: reached $ 48,226.25

The crypto has never been higher. The strong and sudden growth was triggered by Tesla's $ 1.5 billion investment, among other things. Elon Musk's automaker also confirmed that buyers will be able to buy his electric cars by paying for them in BTC. On the pages of Newstreet we tried to estimate how much they would cost.

Among analysts, there are those who believe it is only the beginning of a trend that will soon take Bitcoin to new heights. Citing some of the forecasts made recently, according to JPMorgan the cryptocurrency may reach 146,000 dollars in the not too distant future, while the CIO of Guggenheim Partners has gone beyond speaking of 600,000 achievable dollars. Before taking your wallet and converting everything into virtual currency, it is good to remember that an investment of this type is subject to volatility and the risk of having a handful of flies is not to be excluded.

Source: CoinDesk