Among Us, how long will the success last? The doubts of Sakurai, author of Smash Bros. Ultimate

Among Us, how long will the success last? The doubts of Sakurai, author of Smash Bros. Ultimate
When not at work on the new content of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai keeps busy dealing with a column of the well-known Japanese magazine Famitsu. This is a good opportunity for the director to express his opinion on the titles and the most important videogame events of the moment.

In the past few occasions, Sakurai had discussed the strengths and weaknesses of PlayStation 5, before moving on to issue of refunds related to CD Projekt RED's controversial Cyberpunk 2077. At the center of the author's thoughts, this time Among Us, the party game developed by Innersloth that found its fortune during the months of the global pandemic that has hit us since last year, has ended.

Sakurai is said fascinated by the playful structure of Among Us, since it does not provide a clear strategy when faced by the player. Users therefore learn the mechanics actively, interacting with each other, and this is an aspect that the director considers close to card games. Although the interaction between the participants is not characterized by particular elements of action, Sakurai admits that he "feels his heart beating very strongly" due to the tension that can be created between the players of an Among Us session.

In conclusion, however, a doubt is expressed: how long will the popularity of the Inner Sloth game last? Its success, like many other productions based on online multiplayer experiences, is due to the great participation of the community, and this means that, should it be abandoned in the coming months, the game itself could lose the value and importance acquired up to now.

Among Us is available on Nintendo Switch (where it recently received a great reception), PC, and iOS and Android devices. Many users are still waiting for the new AirShip map announced during the Game Awards, but the developers have invited to wait a few more weeks.