The amazing figures of Mafex from Captain America The Winter Soldier

The amazing figures of Mafex from Captain America The Winter Soldier

In these days Medicom Toy for the Mafex line has announced the arrival of two new action figures taken from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, namely Captain America in the Stealth Suit version and the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes .

The two action figures of Captain America and Winter Soldier from Mafex are highly detailed models of the characters from the Marvel Cinecomics. They are both equipped with movable joints to allow various poses and come with various accessories such as shields and weapons. The Captain America figure has two interchangeable heads with alternate expressions (two with helmets and one without), while the Winter Soldier figure has a slim body and realistic details that faithfully reproduce the character. Both are made with high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance over the years.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is a 2014 film based on Marvel Comics characters. It is the sequel to the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger” and stars Chris Evans in the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America. In the film, Captain America is faced with a mysterious and powerful enemy known as the Winter Soldier, while battling a conspiracy that threatens the entire world. The film combines intense action, drama and intrigue with an engaging storyline that explores the character's past and present.

Price and release date of the new Captain America The Winter Soldier action figures

The release of both collectible figures , taken from Captain America The Winter Soldier is set for the market Japanese in January 2024 at the price of 10,780 yen .

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