Tesla Model 3 increasingly cheaper: now it costs like a 500 Abarth

Tesla Model 3 increasingly cheaper: now it costs like a 500 Abarth

Tesla Model 3 increasingly cheaper

In the last few hours, Tesla has announced a new price cut in the United States with the aim of beating the competition and thus obtaining increasingly large market shares; the RWD version now starts at $43,990, while no changes to the price lists have yet been recorded for the Performance.

This change comes just a few weeks after a further change that also involved the European and Italian markets . In our beautiful country, at the moment, 44,990 euros are needed to buy a Model 3; a value that increases up to 52,990 and 59,990 euros respectively for Long Range and Performance.

Considering the 7,500-dollar US incentives introduced by the government, to buy a Model 3 it is only necessary to spend 35,990 dollars, or about 33,000 euros per current exchange. With due proportions, in Italy with the same amount it is possible to buy decidedly more compact and "polluting" cars, such as: Fiat 500 Abarth 695, Volkswagen T-Roc and Ford Puma. In the electric field, with about 30 thousand euros, in Italy it is possible to buy MG4, Renault Zoe and Opel Corsa-e.

Tesla's latest commercial maneuvers have aroused a lot of controversy and some companies, such as Ford, have decided to review their price lists to appear more competitive, at least in the United States. The French division has declared that something similar is not foreseen in the Old Continent. Of the same opinion is the Renault group, which through the number one has communicated that there will be no cuts to its price lists.

With these prices, in Italy but above all in America, Tesla Model 3 appears increasingly interesting and close to the possibilities of consumers. In recent days we have also detected a further change in the leasing and financing rates, now down to around 2% on RWD models.