Tesla Model 3: restyling coming for electric in 2023, here are the news

Tesla Model 3: restyling coming for electric in 2023, here are the news

Tesla Model 3

Restyling coming for the Tesla Model 3 . The confirmation comes in these hours from an anonymous source cited by the Reuters agency. According to what has emerged, in fact, Tesla would be working on an update for its electric vehicle which will be able to count on various innovations with some components that will be redesigned. The news should concern a large part of the Tesla Model 3 project, both in terms of the technical sector and the design.

According to the source, the new Model 3 could incorporate some elements from the older sister Model S. Inside the passenger compartment there should be room for new digital instrumentation and a new central monitor of comparable size (17 inches) with that of the Model S. News also for the air conditioning vents which will be redesigned and probably hidden behind the dashboard.

Federicovecchio.com The restyling of the Tesla Model 3 should also concern the engine and the battery pack. The goal is to record a further improvement in autonomy, focusing on greater operating efficiency. There could also be room for a more sporty version to make the electric range, the current entry level of the Tesla range, even more complete and interesting.

The project of the new Model 3 is under development and its due would not be far away. In fact, the new model could go into production during the third quarter of 2023, with a rapid market debut in the following weeks. Production should start, more or less simultaneously, both in the Gigafactory of Shanghai and in that of Freemont. Further confirmations on the project could emerge over the next few weeks. For the moment, Tesla has not commented on the indiscretion and therefore has not confirmed the project.