Sanremo 2023: Rosa Chemical's kiss to Fedez and the other gifs of the final evening

Sanremo 2023: Rosa Chemical's kiss to Fedez and the other gifs of the final evening

Sanremo 2023

Sanremo - The Sanremo 2023 Festival ends with the victory of Marco Mengoni and his song Two lives. Behind him, two authentic surprises such as Lazza with Cenere – which in any case is the best-selling Italian album in 2022 – and Mr. Rain with his Superheroes. In the final quintet also Ultimo (4th) and Tananai (5th). You have to go to sixth place to find a woman: Giorgia. And in the last places most of the artists arrived from Sanremo Giovani. Critics Award Mia Martini and Lucio Dalla Award to Colapesce Dimartino; Sergio Bardotti Award (best text) to Coma_Cose and Giancarlo Bigazzi Award (best musical composition) to Two lives by Marco Mengoni. Among the guests certainly worth mentioning the first performance of Depeche Mode after the death of Andy Fletcher, even their fourth presence at the festival (two at the Ariston 1986-1990 and one at the Palabarilla 1989). At the end of the episode, just before the announcement of the five finalists, Amadeus reads the message from President Zelensky and the Ukrainian band Antylila performs. The presenter manages to close the episode even early: the closing was scheduled at 02:54 and anticipates by about twenty minutes. If you weren't able to stay awake – and we understand you a bit – you can recover the best of the final in these 10+1 gifs.

Lucio Dalla remembered by Gianni Morandi

The tribute was skipped due to limited time last episode.

Testing the materials

Gianni touches the armor to make sure of the material.

Amadeus becomes the amulet

Giorgia tries a little luck with a particular amulet.

Depeche Mode

How do you vote for Depeche Mode?

Rosa Chemical

Do we also need to describe it to you?

Rosa Chemical & Fedez

A "lemon" in Eurovision shouldn't be a problem, regardless of gender.

Gianni and Anna

This was the Festival of kisses, and Gianni wants to participate

Anna Oxa

She is our guiding spirit of the Festival


Sethu sings in the face and Josรจ, the son of Amadeus.\

The five finalists

If you don't ask yourself any questions looking at the five excellent finalists, there is something wrong.

Bonus: Marco Mengoni wins

There were few doubts from day one.