Fire Emblem Engage - How to properly use the homestead

Fire Emblem Engage - How to properly use the homestead

One of the many facilities of the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage is the homestead. This is where the animals you picked up on your journey through Elyos gather, with only a limited number actually allowed to graze and play around on the field. The interaction options are limited, but you can always find useful items near the animals. The clou: Which animal lets which items appear is strictly specified.

Accordingly, you can take advantage of this to get otherwise rare materials without much effort . A prime example of this would be ores, which you need at the blacksmith to strengthen weapons. Fill the pen with as many dogs as possible and just drop by after each battle. With a bit of luck, the bullies will soon have sniffed out some much-coveted silver bars for you. You can't get to this useful resource any easier.

With the right choice of animal, you can also quickly get to other materials or ingredients. We have put together a complete overview for you below. If you are missing a desired animal, it is advisable to keep an eye out on the world map for battles where that animal can be picked up. It may be necessary to raise the donation level of the respective region to level 2. To do this, go to the bulletin board in the café in the somniel
Berries Hoppelhare Berries Eastern Wildcat Salmon Western Wildcat Sardine Southern Wildcat Salmon Northern Wildcat Cod Firener Cat

Carp Brodian Cat

Herring Elusian Cat

Cod Solmer Cat

Eel Calisson Chicken Eggs Aura Eagle Beef



Lamb Panna Camel Berries

Tomato Iris -Owl Wheat Flour



Spices Elyos Pigeon Nuts Elyos Seagull Nuts Elyos Dog Iron Ingots

Steel Ingots

Silver Ingots Elyos Black Dog Iron Ingots

Steel Ingots

Silver Bar Elyos White Dog Iron Bar

Steel Bar

Silver Bar Mère-Esel Selt. Vegetable

Rutile Marmot Rare Fruit

Verbena Deer Rare. Vegetables

Tartu flamingo Rare fish

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