Excellent 50 ″ QLED smart TV in super discount! -42%!

Excellent 50 ″ QLED smart TV in super discount! -42%!

If you are a cinema lover or if you simply can't wait to be able to relax on the sofa in front of a film or a TV series, you know that having a high resolution screen is essential to enjoy any content to the fullest. If you are looking for a Smart TV that fully satisfies you, we recommend taking a look at this TCL model, the protagonist of a super offer on the Comet website.

The 50″ TLC 50C635 QLED Smart TV is in fact available for only €399.00 instead of €699.00; it is a discount of 43%, which will allow you to save €300.00! Furthermore, at the time of purchase you will be able to opt for payment in 3 installments of €133.00 without interest with PayPal, making shopping even more accessible.

The panel enjoys the 4K HDR PRO and Quantum Dot technologies, which combined together offer an experience of the highest level, with accurate colors and precise details. Whether it's a documentary, a 1950s film or a TV series, you will enjoy incredibly lifelike images, with a wide range of vivid tones and high contrasts.

In addition, the exclusive MEMC algorithm of TLC will activate automatically while you watch sports or action scenes, reducing blur and keeping motion trails to a minimum for sequences that are always sharp and perfect.

The spectacular panel of the Smart TV is accompanied by excellent sound quality, since ONKYO speakers have been specifically designed for better precision and clarity of sound. You can then enjoy a realistic experience of Dolby Atmos sound comparable to that of the cinema, all in the comfort of your home.

Finally, being a Smart TV there is obviously no shortage of additional features: the Google TV operating system will allow you to easily access many channels and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and many others. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the hands-free voice commands to manage playback, as well as ask Alexa questions and control the other smart home devices, all via the convenient microphone integrated into the TV.

Read also: Smart TV | The best of 2023 That said, we just have to send you back to purchasing the product, inviting you to consult the Comet page dedicated to the offer, also suggesting that you complete your purchase as soon as possible, at least before the end of the promotion or, worse , of the product running out.

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