1. Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass Pack Review – Not for everyone

1. Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass Pack Review – Not for everyone

1. Fire Emblem Engage

Just a few days ago, our test for Fire Emblem Engage went online and we can already give you our impressions of the first package of the expansion pass. This is especially helpful for newcomers and we will tell you below why we are unfortunately less enthusiastic about this first expansion.

The new map currently only offers you the Dragon Temple level with the Tiki emblem.

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All in all, a glance at the Nintendo eShop reveals that the first DLC package only comes with a few new features. A total of four new emblems were added to the game, which are divided into two bracelets, a new map and some additional items. But let's start chronologically. After starting the game you will be provided with new items if you have already reached Chapter 5 of the story. These include boots, an angelic robe, an energy drop, a ghost, a secret book, a speed spring, a goddess icon, a Draco shield and a talisman. All useful items, as you can use them to improve the stats of your squad. This helps above all to optimize weaker characters or to develop your favorites further.

If you have already reached the sixth chapter of the story, you can also go to the vantage point of the Somniels trigger an event, giving you the Edelgard bracelet along with Dimitri and Claude. Edelgard is a real enrichment for your troops, since you can acquire an ability with which the connected character receives 20 percent more experience points. Similar to the items before, this also helps newcomers in particular to optimize the training of your troops. On the other hand, if you are already well advanced in the story or even finished it, Edelgard is just a nice addition.

The events surrounding Tiki, which you can also get as an emblem, are much more interesting. This is namely on a newly created group of islands including Divine Chapters. Especially here I was very happy at the beginning, because a new map always offers new secrets and challenges. However, it is different with DLC package 1. After you have completed the newly added Dragon Temple level, Tiki is available to you and other paths with new levels open up, but these are not yet playable. This caused enormous frustration in my test, since the DLC is actually already over when Tiki is received. All other levels only serve as a foretaste of what is to come, without being informed about their content. Instead, there are only many question marks in the respective descriptions.

Entertaining fun, which creates an optimistic view of the future

> You can still get a silver card in the game, through which the prices at your dealers tumble and new accessories are also available in the boutique, but overall you have seen everything after a maximum of one hour. This was very annoying, especially for me, since I have already invested more than forty hours in the main game and could already count the story as completed. Accordingly, I missed the added value of this first expansion, although I look forward to exploring more scenarios in the newly added map.