Steam: The best reviews around for a game about soaking ducks

Steam: The best reviews around for a game about soaking ducks


The Steam store is always full of completely unexpected surprises. Its purchasing possibilities manage to touch the most curious extremes, offering enthusiasts indie and triple A masterpieces, also accompanied by tiny projects that sometimes explode in some very ironic and determined niches. This is the case with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator , a title that has recently received huge acclaim in terms of reviews on the well-known gaming site, with a positive rating of 98% trending up to 99% in the last 30 days.

What is this game about? Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is nothing more than a simulator in which all you have to do is watch little rubber ducks floating in the rippling water of some private house or swimming pool. There are no specific commands to use, you can just move the camera and click on them to make them squawk.

But be careful, we are not talking about global success or sales, but real numbers in terms of positive reviews collected on the store ( there has even been an Irish streamer, RTGame , who uploaded a video to YouTube in which he spends 15 minutes staring at the screen with insanely positive comments about the experience, garnering around 764,000 views ).

Against all expectations, the guys from Turbulent Games, the developers of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, have found that their video game has been downloaded over 70,000 times. From their point of view "players tell their stories" in front of these ducks on screen, especially during live shows, "people drop $2 for a game that's supposed to be a joke only to find that there are 47 different hand-painted ducks hand to collect, different strange interactions, environmental events, a UFO, scores, secrets, and a soundtrack that kidnaps. At the end of the carousel they are happy and leave a positive review to share that happiness with more people""

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