The Last of Us Part 2, a ghostly bird terrifies the players

The Last of Us Part 2, a ghostly bird terrifies the players

The Last of Us Part 2

Whether it's Clickers, infected or other human beings, The Last of Us Part 2 is sure to be full of tension and moments where players shake hands on the pad and move with care. However, it seems that among all the horrors Naughty Dog has planned for their beloved post apocalyptic, a mysterious bug is emerging that adds a good deal of additional fear.

while I was playing a bird flew out of someone's body. idk if that is supposed to be their soul ? from thelastofus

In fact, in a section of the game with a rather high level of tension, some players have noticed the presence of a mysterious white bird that crosses the screen to disappear into thin air. This spooky scene was recently reported by a Reddit user known as u/GoldieLocks1643. The testimony, however, is also reported in some videos on YouTube or on The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki. The presence of these different sources leads us to exclude the hypothesis that it is a mod and instead consider the possibility ghostly bird appears due to a rather rare graphical bug.

The scene in which this episode takes place is full of tension and rather agitated and it is therefore possible that many players have not noticed the presence of the bird. While Ellie is at a workbench inside a building, in fact, she is attacked from behind by a group of human enemies. After surviving the attack, however, the girl remains inside the building surrounded by corpses. At this point, as we see in the video, the shape of a white bird rises from her body to quickly disappear inside the wall.

Ultimately, as previously mentioned, the most logical explanation is that it is simply a bug that Naughty Dog missed during the development of The Last of Us Part 2 (which you can buy on Amazon). Probably, the effect we are witnessing in this scene was originally intended to manifest itself in the sky, to enrich the details of the external game setting. However, due to some unknown error, the bird appears to some players inside this building. While waiting for the third chapter, it might be worth replaying Naughty Dog's masterpiece in search of this error.

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