Is Xbox preparing another Pentiment-style game?

Is Xbox preparing another Pentiment-style game?

Since its announcement, Pentiment has amazed everyone. For the first time ever, an Xbox first-party studio hadn't worked on a gigantic game, but more on a very contained adventure, but with a strong stylistic and authorial impact. And according to GameSpot journalist Jeff Grubb, it may not have been an isolated case.

According to Grubb's words, declared on the occasion of the XboxEra podcast, Microsoft would be working on a showcase to show players news and updates on previously announced games. The show, far from being confirmed, could however be the ideal stage to unveil some new announcements, including a game along the lines of Pentiment, developed by Tango GameWorks, a development team belonging to Bethesda and Zenimax, consequently first party of the Redmond giant.

How true is Jeff Grubb's words? Hard to say at present. However, we must take two elements into consideration: the first is the total absence of Xbox at The Game Awards 2022. At the moment the various Microsoft studios are engaged in the creation of various games, including Starfield and Forza Motorsport. Redmond's absence at the early December show was significantly felt by the players and it is not excluded that Microsoft decides to organize an event in the first months of 2023 to update the users of its ecosystem.

As for smaller projects, Phil Spencer (Head of Microsoft Gaming) has repeatedly shown himself inclined to approve games of different types. Grounded is an example of this, just like Pentiment, two titles and two projects very distant from the competition. It is therefore not excluded that other Xbox teams are also working on more compact and more "niche" experiences. There are therefore all the elements to ensure that these rumors actually become real, but as always, we invite you to take these statements with a grain of salt and wait for any official announcements.

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