PS Plus and PS1 games: fans complain

PS Plus and PS1 games: fans complain

PS Plus and PS1 games

According to what was recently reported by Metro UK , it seems that Sony and Playstation enthusiasts are complaining about the lack of PS1 titles in the Premium and Extra tiers of their PS Plus . The new package system, introduced a few months ago, provided, in addition to the various comforts, also a window on the past of the historic Japanese console, today at the center of new discussions.

In reality, this realization has included even the PS2 video games, towards which fans feel an important lack in the general PS Plus Premium offer. The site built its reasoning around what happens to be the currently most downloaded retro title on the service: Toy Story 2. Is it nostalgia or something else? Metro UK's conclusion is that the retro catalog is so low in content that gamers have been driven to download mostly that at the end of the day.

It's been about 6 months since the launch of PS Plus Premium and everything else; in this period to the 14 PS1 games available at the beginning (including Ape Escape, Wild Arms, Oddworld: Abe's Odysee) only one more has been added: Siphon Filter 2. So we find ourselves in a situation where retro gaming fans still don't have any input towards the future, or indication of the future additions they will be able to access. For the moment, moreover, there are also many masterpieces of the time missing, video games that have made history and that would certainly deserve a dusting off, given the opportunity.

It is not the first time that subscribers to the service ask questions about the situation and its future, and we just have to wait for new details regarding the specific section dedicated to the "ancient glories" of the past.

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