Conker is back, but with an energy drink: yes, you can get angry

Conker is back, but with an energy drink: yes, you can get angry

Conker is back, but with an energy drink

If you are a longtime gamer, you will surely remember Conker. It is one of the most recognizable characters in video games and the unfortunate protagonist of very few iterations of its titles. In fact, the series with the squirrel can count on a handful of titles for different platforms. Currently the IP and the rights to use the character are in the hands of Microsoft, which does not seem willing to work on a new project for consoles and PCs, but someone had the brilliant idea of ​​resurrecting the squirrel, with a… energy drink.

Produced by G-Fuel, the energy drink will be inspired by Conker Bad Fury and will be called Mighty Poo. It will be sold with a special Youtooz Figure and the cost is not exactly cheap: we are talking, in fact, of 59.99 Dollars (excluding shipping). However, considering the packaging, decidedly level and very nice, with the inclusion of the Figure, that money is probably really worth it. Provided, of course, that people like this energy drink.

This is news that leaves the time it finds, but at the same time it makes us reflect a bit on the state of some of Microsoft's intellectual properties. Conker could in fact be an excellent platform, games that are actually lacking in the ecosystem of the Redmond house, but apparently there is more interest in exploiting the brand for other purely commercial operations and "safe" profit.

️ : Venture deep into the bowels of The Great Mighty Poo's lair with @RareLtd 's #GFUEL " "!!! Inspired by the classic platformer: “CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY”!

EXCLUSIVE @youtooz Figure Included!

✍️ :

— G FUEL® (@GFuelEnergy) December 14, 2022

Conker is currently in the hands of Xbox first party Rare, who are only working on Sea of ​​Thieves. The game is one of the biggest hits of recent years and at the moment the Scottish development team does not seem willing to move towards other IPs, beyond the mysterious Everwild, the details of which are not yet known. Will 2023 be the right year for a real presentation or will we have to wait a while longer?

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