Afraid of getting stuck in the snow? On offer is a set of snow socks

Afraid of getting stuck in the snow? On offer is a set of snow socks

The snow socks, our in-depth analysis here, have been on the market for over a decade but have only recently been approved and equated to the more common (and uncomfortable) snow chains. Unlike the latter, in fact, snow socks are decidedly quick and easy to assemble, with a smaller space on board, extended compatibility and a basically lower purchase price.

Of course, they cannot completely replace the snow chains but still represent an excellent support in case of need. As mentioned, snow socks are more compatible and, thanks to their design, can be used on cars defined as "non-chainable". Net of this, however, it is good to remember to respect the measures indicated on the package to ensure full compatibility; there is no single generic size, however the five discounted ones made available by Goodyear offer a wide range of wheels available. Furthermore, it is advisable to check that they adopt the EN 16662-1-2020 approval which equates them to snow chains.

From the Extra Extra Large to the Small format, the UltraGrip range by GoodYear is all discounted on Amazon and given the season it could be very useful; discounts vary from 17% (XXL) to 4% (Small), locking the price at around 50 euros. This is not a crazy expense, considering the limited use, the absence of mechanical parts involved and the extensive compatibility on several tire sizes, they could last you for several years. Below we report the compatibility of each product, remembering that, similarly to snow chains, the speed to be used with the mounted devices is limited to 40 km/h. Also remember that they are to be mounted on the axis that gives traction; on all-wheel drive cars (like many electric ones too) it is advisable to take a double set as suggested by our CdS, alternatively it is good to use them on the main steering axle.

GoodYear UltraGrip size XXL: 51.99 euros (discount of 17%)  GoodYear UltraGrip size XL: 56.97 euros (9% discount)  GoodYear UltraGrip size L: 51.89 euros (10% discount)  GoodYear UltraGrip size M: 53.93 euros (6% discount)  GoodYear UltraGrip size S: 55.34 euro (4% discount) All products are sold (Official GoodYear Store) and shipped by Amazon.

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