TIM adheres to Eco Rating for the evaluation of its smartphones

TIM adheres to Eco Rating for the evaluation of its smartphones

With a press release, TIM announced its decision to join the Eco Rating initiative, which allows for a more informed choice of smartphones.

Starting next year, TIM will apply the Eco Rating labeling on specific devices offered in Italy and in Brazil through the subsidiary TIM Brasil. The initiative will enable TIM customers to make more sustainable informed choices, encourage suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their devices and promote greater transparency in the production chain.

Eco Rating was born in 2021 from the collaboration among the main international telephone operators, including Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica (which operates under the O2, Vivo and Movistar brands), Telia Company and Vodafone , which have developed a methodology for assessing the environmental sustainability of mobile devices. In 2022, the operators EE, NOS and Proximus also joined the initiative.

Starting from May of the same year, the Eco Rating system was launched in 24 European countries and was further extended reaching 35 countries in Europe, Africa, South America and soon also in Asia/Pacific. The methodology provides for the assignment of a score, on a scale from 1 to 100, attributed thanks to an analysis of the main environmental parameters identified in the phases of production, transport, use and disposal of the product. The higher the score, the better the smartphone's performance in terms of environmental parameters.

The Eco Rating label (www.ecoratingdevices.com) also highlights the level achieved on five key aspects of sustainability: durability, repairability, recyclability, climate efficiency and resource efficiency. In confirmation of the reliability of the rating, it is interesting to note how some of the elements taken into consideration are at the center of a recent agreement signed by the Member States of the European Union designed for the longer life and recyclability of batteries.

With l TIM's participation in the Eco Rating underlines the importance of alliances between companies as a tool for achieving shared objectives to protect the environment and to define standard metrics at sector level to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy model.