James Gunn's DCU will be inspired by two animated series

James Gunn's DCU will be inspired by two animated series

In view of the recent revolution taking place in the DC Universe house, James Gunn, the head of DC Studios, recently revealed that among the inspirations for the future development of the DCU there are also two animated series. Let's find out together more information about the future DCU designed by James Gunn.

James Gunn's DCU will be inspired by two animated series

According to reports, James Gunn recently revealed to fans which are for him the most inspiring DC titles to keep in mind in the reconstruction of the new DC Universe.

To the surprise of many, the protagonists of these statements are the series Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited, the considerations come via Twitter.

Hey James, you and Peter must be having tons of fun planning things out for the DCU (other than the Twitter crazies). Were any of the animated DC Shows like Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice an inspiration for you when planning out this universe?

— Mr. K (@kweku6) December 20, 2022

But what are the characteristics of this production that led James Gunn to release this statement? Unfortunately we don't know. In fact, James Gunn did not delve into the matter, effectively leaving the possibility for enthusiasts to give life to discussions and conjectures. How James Gunn will take inspiration from these series is soon to be known, although James Gunn had previously explained to the public what the essential thread was in this new DCU.

In fact, during an exchange that saw at the center the decision to propose a Superman without the actor Henry Cavill, James Gunn explained how the history of the characters has a considerable relevance, and that the new productions they cannot ignore this.

Our choices for the DCU are based on what we believe is best for the story and best for the DC characters who have been around for nearly 85 years. . Maybe these choices are great, maybe not, but they are made with true heart and integrity and always with the story in mind.

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