Cult of the Lamb, the new update brings many new features

Cult of the Lamb, the new update brings many new features

Cult of the Lamb

Earlier today, Massive Monster and Devolver Digital shared a blog post dedicated to Cult of the Lamb on Steam. In the message, the developers thanked the fans for the support shown in the months immediately following the launch and presented the details for what will be the first, important, free content dedicated to their highly appreciated roguelike (of which you can find our review here).

The contents of this update will be multiple and will affect different aspects of the title. In fact, many of the improvements offered by this patch will be related to problems that emerged thanks to community feedback. Others, however, will be gameplay changes that will allow our little lamb to take advantage of different types of attack, such as the new heavy attacks that will be able to throw away a large number of enemies with a long press of the attack button. Furthermore, each weapon has its own variant of heavy attack such as the boomerang throw offered by the axe.

As for additional and purely aesthetic content, with this update of Cult of the Lamb, Massive Monster and Devolver Digital will bring players a series of new skins and some new followers. In fact, in our cult we will be able to welcome the penguin and the lion who will be included in the list of our possible followers. These two new followers, however, will only be available by following the Twitch sessions of the streamers participating in the game until January 5, 2023. Furthermore, as regards the aesthetic component of the game, the developers will also make additional skins available for all those who join our cult.

The launch date for this free Cult of the Lamb update (which you can buy on Amazon ) has not yet been announced but according to the developers, it should arrive in early 2023. Finally, With this update, Massive Monster and Devolver Digital want to bring more depth and difficulty to the game. Furthermore, as can be read in the Steam post, we must expect news from Barbatos, one of the enemies who will try to block our path. Certainly there will be no shortage of sympathy that has distinguished this title from the very first days.

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