Raspberry Pi 5 will not arrive in 2023

Raspberry Pi 5 will not arrive in 2023

The latest iteration of the most popular Single Board Computer on the market, Raspberry Pi , was presented back in June 2019 and many are wondering when its direct successor will arrive which, presumably, will be equipped with a greater computational power. Unfortunately, the last few years, following the COVID-19 pandemic, have been rather problematic for the procurement of the components necessary for production, introducing various delays and a real shortage of the product on store shelves.

However, the situation is set to improve markedly next year, with Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton recently saying he expects inventory levels to return to pre-pandemic levels in the second half of next year. However, this also led the company to postpone the launch of new products, including the expected Raspberry Pi 5 .

In fact, interviewed by Christopher Barnatt of the YouTube channel Explaining Computers , Upton said :

Don't expect a Pi 5 next year [2023]. […] It would really be a disaster if we try to introduce some kind of Raspberry Pi 5 product. […] If we introduce a Raspberry Pi 5 product and it fails to be distributed in adequate quantities due to constraints, or if we introduce a Raspberry Pi 5 product Pi 5 and this somehow cannibalizes some element of the supply chain that would be a real problem. […] The good news is that in the second half of next year, from 2024 onwards, some of these things will start to decline. And it is at this point that we can start thinking about what a sensible Raspberry Pi 5 platform might be.

Upton also pointed out that, over the years, Raspberry Pi 4 has enjoyed various software and energy optimizations, so as to improve its performance and reliability.