Microsoft Activision case: now even the players are against the deal

Microsoft Activision case: now even the players are against the deal

Microsoft Activision case

There is no doubt that of all the stories of this videogame 2022, the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard case is certainly the most discussed and delicate of the year. Even today, almost a year after the first announcement of the acquisition, the deal has not yet been definitively concluded, with Microsoft facing many more difficulties than we could have expected. Now, after so many disputes, it seems that even fans of the videogame medium themselves are standing in the way of the success of the deal.

After Microsoft was recently taken to court by the FTC, we discover that the company of Redmond has also been sued by several players, who believe that the agreement to buy Acivision, Blizzard and King all at once for the beauty of 69 billion dollars would lead the Xbox giant to find itself in a position not to have no rival in the gaming industry anymore.

“Microsoft is already in control of one of the largest gaming ecosystems in the industry. The proposed acquisition would allow the company to obtain a position that would make it unrivaled in the video game industry, seeing it in possession of the largest number of iconic games and franchises ", this is what can be read within the lawsuit recently moved by the of a group of enthusiasts.

Once again, then, what is scary about this huge acquisition is the position Microsoft would find itself in vis-à-vis the entire gaming industry and rival companies. PlayStation also has the same fear, which has already repeatedly hinted, even in very crystalline ways, that it does not look favorably on the recent move that the Redmond-based company has made.

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