Horizon Forbidden West has the best graphics of 2022, do you agree?

Horizon Forbidden West has the best graphics of 2022, do you agree?

Horizon Forbidden West has the best graphics of 2022

Only a few days left and we will definitely say goodbye to 2022. It has been a year full of very different videogame experiences, and the past The Game Awards have awarded many of these great titles. Between these games Horizon Forbidden West ran dry; but right now the new Guerrilla Games title has brought home a highly coveted award linked to its graphics sector.

In this final period of the year, many editorial offices give away their game of the year. We at Game Division are also carrying out a survey open to all to decree the GOTY of our community. In all of this, Digital Foundry is gradually revealing its games of the year, and in a recent video entirely dedicated to the graphics component, we discovered which was the most appreciated video game, in terms of graphics, by the editorial team.

The winner of the Digital Foundry award was Horizon Forbidden West. We are talking about an exclusive PlayStation that is very beautiful to look at and which allows us to get in touch with a ruined world that is as dangerous as it is fascinating to move around. The Guerrilla Games title has beaten a series of very interesting graphically titles such as: the recent The Callisto Protocol and Portal RTX.

Horizon Forbidden West stood out above all, with Digital Foundry deciding to reward the latest adventures by Aloy and companions for the whole series of convincing improvements in animations compared to the first game and for how incredibly detailed and varied all the landscapes that can be visited on the large game map have proved to be. In short, the new Horizon didn't find much luck at the TGAs, but we always talk about one of the most popular titles of this rich 2022.

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