Skyrim transforms into House of Dragon with this mod filled with dragons

Skyrim transforms into House of Dragon with this mod filled with dragons

Even today, eleven years after its original launch, The Elder Scrolls V Skryrim continues to be one of the most modded video games ever. We have seen all sorts of mods for the well-known fantasy RPG, and it is not uncommon to find fan creations that mix elements taken from other very famous franchises. The latest mod inserts a handful of dragons taken directly from the recent TV series House of Dragon.

The modder in question, known on the net as 'archlyde123' based his Skyrim mod on the addition of three dragons from House of the Dragon, the prequel HBO TV series to Game of Thrones. The modder didn't just put the dragons in the Bethesda game, but he made some changes to the proportions of the wings and the head to allow the creatures to adapt to the style of the popular RPG.

The mod in question is called HotD Dragons – Conquest Trio and adds the three dragons Vhagar, Balerion and Meraxes to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. These additions simply replace three of the existing dragons in the popular RPG. Specifically, Vhagar replaces Paarthurnax, Balerion will replace Alduin and finally Meraxes replaces the legendary dragon that can be found in the Dawnguard expansion.

If this mod has been able to attract your attention, you can find a series for more information and the link to download this content by clicking on this address. If you loved the recent Game of Thrones prequel TV series, this mod will allow you to experience Skyrim with a pinch of the fantasy world created by George R.R. Martin.

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