Tesla Model Y, the electric off-road version thanks to Delta4x4

Tesla Model Y, the electric off-road version thanks to Delta4x4

Tesla Model Y

Delta 4×4 has decided to create an off-road version of the Tesla Model Y: a completely new version, therefore, if you want to drive with zero emissions through forests and deserts. It is no coincidence that the Bavarian trainer has decided to modify the Tesla Model Y by equipping it with a package of modifications that allow all off-road adventure enthusiasts to travel on rough and off-road terrain aboard a Tesla in total safety and with all what you need.

The conversion made by Delta 4×4 boasts a new 35 mm lift kit which has brought the ground clearance up to 22 cm. The off-road model Y also uses Continental Cross Contact ATR tires in size 265/45R20. Not surprisingly, in order to accommodate wider rims and tyres, Delta 4×4 has developed wheel arch extensions that also widen the vehicle by approximately 60 mm.

makes the Model Y extremely useful even if you want to carry a lot of useful equipment for nights outdoors or to carry tools useful for tackling steep climbs or descents or complicated passages. To ensure adequate light even at night, new headlights that can be mounted on the luggage rack and guarantee perfect light when off-road.

Tackling rough terrain and off-road routes will therefore be "simpler" thanks to installation from part of Delta 4×4 of additional PIAA 550 LED headlights and a PIAA lightbar implemented above the roof of the vehicle.

As for prices, Delta 4×4 informs that the new suspensions cost 900 euros, the and the spare wheel 4,500 euros. 2,900 euros are instead requested for the roof bars and 1,800 for the additional lights on the bumper. Adding up the prices, therefore, the complete Delta 4×4 preparation package is around 10,000 euros.