Nothing phone (1) is updated to Android 13, Nothing OS 1.5 beta brings important news

Nothing phone (1) is updated to Android 13, Nothing OS 1.5 beta brings important news

Nothing phone (1) is updated to Android 13

Appeared relatively recently, Nothing phone (1) has already conquered a small slice of the market, with fans expecting great things. Now Carl Pei's smartphone is ready for a new, important, update .

Starting today all those who accept the update of their Nothing phone (1) will be able to obtain version 1.5 of Nothing OS , a new build of the operating system based on Android 13.

As was easy to expect, many of the features already available on Pixel smartphones will be available in this new "edition" of the operating system: for example, we will find the improved Material You theme, improvements to improved media player notifications or privacy controls, and even adding real-time subtitle support for media playback.

Not only that, Nothi ng 1.5 would bring with it a 50% increase in app loading speed and an increase in overall device performance. Almost like having a new device! For more details here is the complete list of Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta updates based on the Android 13 changelog below:

Custom Applications from Nothing An increase in application loading speed of up to 50%. An expanded range of Material U and colors available to match third-party applications to wallpaper. Multilingual support which allows the use of different languages ​​for different applications. Privacy updates, including photo picker (you can choose which images to share with which apps), notification enablement (you can control which apps can send notifications), and media enablement (you can group media types you want to share, for example photos and videos, music and audio, files). A new QR code scanner available in settings. A Clipboard Preview: Copied text appears on the clipboard in the lower corner of the screen, so you can edit the text before pasting. A new “look” for Media Control, including playback bar, shuffle and repeat buttons. The ability to close applications running in the background directly from the notification center to save battery. The ability to generate subtitles in real time. An increase in background memory, thus reducing the loading time of the most frequently used applications. A new function that allows the Phone to "repair itself" by clearing the cache. Improved settings, including new pop-up notifications for network and Bluetooth devices. The new volume control panel that allows you to change volume settings without having to unlock the screen. An improvement to Game Mode: a new UI for the bright notification system and the addition of the Google Game Dashboard, which supports screen recording, an FPS display and Do Not Disturb mode In short, there is little to say, except that the new update really brings with it numerous changes that almost seem to promise to give new life to Nothing phone (1) !