Game of the year 2022, here is the winner chosen by you!

Game of the year 2022, here is the winner chosen by you!

Game of the year 2022

The poll is closed, you can find the winner below!

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Once again this year the time has come to vote for your game of the year 2022, the one that most excited you and left something inside. Given the enormous changes that GameDivision is implementing (and which you will see from next year), we have decided to leave the choice solely up to you for this 2022.

After The Game Awards, which took place last week, we have decided to select 20 titles released during the period from January to December, among the most talked about and deserving, so as to give you the possibility to select your favorite.

We are aware that some released games are not present in the survey, but it was really impossible select them all. Our choice was based on the discussions created, on general evaluations and above all on the variety of genres proposed.

But how does voting work? Actually in a very simple and less cumbersome way than last year: each of you will be able to vote for your favorite game in the poll you find at the end of the article, once done, we will update the same article on Thursday 29 December at 11:00 with the winner .

The survey is public and transparent, which means that you will know how many people have voted and how many users have chosen a given title. You have time from today until Thursday 29 December at 10:30 to have your say.

If you want to start a discussion, we invite you to comment on the article on the chosen video game and why you did it , the intent is precisely to try to emphasize your opinion and your decision. It's not mandatory, but it's certainly a nice way to chat and express yourself.

We remind you that you can find us on Instagram and YouTube, in the new channels entirely dedicated to video games. Keep following us for more news and the eagerly awaited video articles of the TOPs and FLOPs of the year that will arrive soon! For any feedback, do not hesitate to contact us in the comments or via the Editor in Chief's email,