Steam Deck 2: better but not too much more powerful, Valve goes too far

Steam Deck 2: better but not too much more powerful, Valve goes too far

Steam Deck 2

A full year hasn't passed yet since Valve launched Steam Deck on the market, and here the US company already has a series of news relating to the second model in store for us. Valve's portable hardware has stood out for a whole series of qualities in these first months of its life, but despite having spent so little time in Valve they have no intention of wasting time, so work on a second model has already begun and, apparently, at a good point.

The statements regarding the upcoming Steam Deck 2 come directly from Valve, with the company answering a series of questions during an interview with the editorial staff of The Verge . First of all, the US company wanted to underline that the plans for a new model of portable hardware all focus on improving what was done with the first model. Among the issues to tweak, Valve says, are definitely the screen and battery life.

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, however, we shouldn't expect a much more powerful and performing Steam Deck 2 than the first model. On this point Valve has declared that, for the moment, extreme improvements are not necessary with regard to the performance sector of the hardware. There will certainly be a technical update, but nothing to make the new model a monster of power compared to the first version.

The interview also took Valve to new heights, with the company stating that it wants to implement touch features, thanks to which some Steam Deck-exclusive titles could be developed in the future. Finally, the company's desire to give life to a Steam Controller 2 is mentioned.

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