6 ways Oppo Find N2 Flip will blow the competition apart

6 ways Oppo Find N2 Flip will blow the competition apart

Oppo Find N2 Flip isa> one of the two new folding smartphone models announced by the company during the last INNO DAY. Although the launch was dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market, the brand has already communicated that the device will cross national borders to reach Europe at a later time.

Precisely for this reason we wanted to stop for a moment and analyze closely what are the strengths of Oppo Find N2 Flip. Furthermore, we want to explain how the clamshell foldable of late 2022 can really shake up a market that is practically stagnant at the moment.

1. Bigger external screen

Observing Oppo Find N2 Flip, the first thing you surely notice is the unusual arrangement of the large external screen. This display is positioned vertically instead of horizontally and, according to Oppo, makes using the smartphone when closed much more comfortable and intuitive.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, where the external screen is only used for basic operations and as a viewfinder for the camera, Oppo uses an approach more similar to that of the Motorola Razr 2022, leaving the user with greater freedom of action.

Speaking in technical terms, the AMOLED panel of Find N2 Flip it has a diagonal of 3.26″ and a resolution of 382×720 pixels. We are faced with a much larger and more useful area of ​​use if compared to the 2.7″ of the Motorola foldable and the only 1.9″ of the Samsung Flip.

2. More basic internal memory

And speaking of technical specifications, we cannot fail to dwell on an aspect that is very important for users: Oppo Find N2 Flip arrives on the market with a basic internal memory cut of 256GB, exactly double its two main competitors mentioned above which start at 128GB.

Having a large internal memory is essential to be able to download all your favorite apps and games, as well as to always keep all the photos and videos of your best moments with you. Obviously, the greater the internal memory, the more photos and videos you can take in high definition with your smartphone before being forced to make room by eliminating less important things.

3. Competitive cameras

As we have just mentioned, the large internal memory allows Oppo Find N2 Flip to record many videos and take a very large number of photos. However, no one wants to keep bad quality shots in the memory of their smartphone. Oppo knows it well, after all, the brand has a long tradition of products focused on offering the best possible photographic experience.

That's why the clamshell foldable has been equipped with a 32MP front camera, positioned in a hole in the internal display, and a main camera with a 50MP sensor. The latter can also be used to take even higher quality selfies or photos with friends using the FlexForm mode, i.e. placing the device on a flat surface and adjusting the hinge to the desired shooting angle!

4. Bigger battery…

It's strange to imagine, talking about such a compact product, but do you know that Oppo Find N2 Flip has the biggest battery ever for a product of this type? And earns the first position in this specific ranking even by a considerable margin!

The two batteries of Oppo Find N2 Flip combined have a capacity of 4300mAh. The clamshell smartphone that comes closest to this value is the Huawei P50 Pocket, which however stops at just 4000mAh, about 7.5% less. This is followed by the Samsung Flip with 3700mAh and the Motorola foldable with 3500mAh.

5. …and faster charging

However, Oppo did not limit itself to equipping its Find N2 Flip with the battery higher capacity, Oppo's foldable smartphone is also the fastest charging product in its category! Oppo's SuperVOOC fast charging system reaches 44W of maximum power via USB Type-C cable, while the opponents are limited to 25W (Samsung), 30W (Motorola) and 40W (Huawei).

6. Less visible fold

The company has learned a lot from the experience with the first generation Oppo Find N and has applied the findings for the redesign of the hinge. The second generation Flexion Hinge has a design that gives the internal display support when opened for a virtually invisible fold.

Finally, when closed, Oppo's hinge allows the display to fold into a "teardrop" configuration which helps reduce crease formation over time and leaves no gaps between the two halves of Oppo Find N2 Flip.