How to disable “A contact has joined Telegram” notifications

How to disable “A contact has joined Telegram” notifications

Telegram is known to be one of the most complete apps for sending messages and even large files. Its features are innumerable and range from the possibility of sending messages that disappear to the possibility of creating supergroups of 200,000 members, but its real "plus" consists in the attention and care of the team of developers behind it, always working on the addition of new features that make the app even more competitive.

Although Telegram is an app appreciated and often preferred to its main competitor WhatsApp , there is one thing that just doesn't go down well of its user base: we are talking about those boring notifications of the type "[contact name] has joined Telegram", which can become a problem especially if your address book is very large and perhaps contains both personal contacts and working contacts.

How to disable the "A contact has joined Telegram" notifications?

The good news is that it takes very little to disable them: just open Telegram on your device and go to in the Settings after tapping on the hamburger menu (the three dashes at the top left). From the Settings menu, you must then select the Notifications and sounds item and then scroll to the Events section. The toggle A contact has joined Telegram is the one to deactivate; once done, you will no longer receive notifications whenever a new contact joins the platform.

So much for Android ; as for iPhone , the procedure is just as simple. From the Telegram app home screen, select the Settings tab at the bottom right and tap on the Notifications and sounds item. After that, turn off the toggle next to New contacts and go back. Done! From now on you will no longer receive unwanted notifications.

The only drawback is that this procedure is only valid for disabling push notifications, not for not receiving the classic in-app messages that invite you to greet the newcomer. Unfortunately, for the moment, these cannot be deleted (except manually).