Non-K Intel Raptor Lake CPU prices and specs leaked

Non-K Intel Raptor Lake CPU prices and specs leaked

Intel is expected to present the new processors belonging to the “ Raptor Lake ” series at the next CES in Las Vegas, which begins on January 5, 2023, but it seems that at least one European store is already ready to commercialize the new Cores “ non-K” starting from January 3 (in particular, we are talking about models with a TDP of 65W, while those at 35W should arrive at a later time). Also, as reported by well-known leaker @momomo_us , the same store is also preparing to sell motherboards based on the B760 and H770 chipsets , although some of them will be launched later.

Photo Credit: @momomo:us /Twitter

"Non-K" CPUs, aimed at more mainstream audiences, will continue to feature the same number of cores as their "K" counterparts, so they will have up to eight high-performance Raptor Cove cores and 16 energy-efficient Goldmont cores, but the frequencies will be a bit lower. As far as prices are concerned, the Core i5-13500 model is probably the one that is more attractive, as for the modest sum of 320 euros it is possible to take home a CPU with 6 P-cores and 8 E-cores, more than suitable to everyday tasks and gaming. In the table below you can read the alleged prices of the various chips, which, however, we certainly cannot consider cheap:

CPU Configuration Price (Euro) Core i9-13900 8P + 16E 765 Core i9-13900F 8P + 16E 730 Core i7-13700 8P + 8E 520 Core i7-13700F 8P + 8E 485 Core i5-13500 6P + 8E 320 Core i5-13400 6P + 4E 306 Core i5-13400F 6P + 4E 277 Core i3-13100 4P 189 Core i3-13100 4P 154 Even the B760 and H770 motherboards, while not equipped with high-end chipsets, seem quite expensive, since they are all offered at a price of more than 200 euros, including models that support DDR4 and not the faster DDR5.

For the moment, obviously, we just have to wait a few more weeks to get official information directly from Intel.