Capcom stops work on the remake of another Resident Evil

Capcom stops work on the remake of another Resident Evil

We have heard about it for a long time, and contrary to all the hopes of the community, the project related to the Remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica , on which some fans were working , has been definitively closed by Capcom itself . Reluctantly his conclusion came after the release of his demo, now quite an end in itself.

Code Veronica and Resident Evil fan remakes are officially canceled by Capcom.

We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment. All info on the developer discord. Thank you.


— Resident Evil : Code Veronica REMAKE (@RECodeVeronicaR) December 24, 2022

The announcement of this cancellation was shared directly by its own fans and developers, through a post on the remake's Twitter profile. Based on what was reported it would seem that Capcom had already contacted them previously to ask them for some specific information relating to their Remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica (such as, for example, what sources they were using). Subsequently, and without any notice, they received an initial invitation via message to close the works, to then turn into a real Cease & Desist for copyright infringement.

The closure of the project was also accompanied by the blocking of its site, and it will certainly also involve the demo released a few months ago. Could such an approach by Capcom towards this work still bode well for the possibilities of Code Veronica?

In short, could the cancellation of the fan remake lead to an official Remake? For now we do not know the conceptual reasons that prompted the company to make such a move. Obviously sorry for the situation, in the hope that it will lead to something positive in the near future, perhaps on the same wavelength. While waiting for new details, we remind you that fans from all over the world have been speculating on a Remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica for some time; may it be the right time?

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