Not only TGA: all the awards in the world of video games

Not only TGA: all the awards in the world of video games

Not only TGA

For many, when it comes to prizes awarded to video games, the thought is directly connected to the TGA, or The Game Awards. There is no doubt that it is the most followed event, the one that brings together millions and millions of viewers connected from all over the world, in live streaming. However, someone has well thought of trying to draw up a list of all the awards that are promptly delivered all over the world. And yes, there are really a lot of them.

The survey started in 2018 and punctually, every year, on the ResetEra forum we try to carry out a precise tracking of all the prizes that are punctually assigned not only by the TGAs, but also from other realities. And the number is downright scary. Taking into consideration only 2022, what emerges is over 100 various awards instituted by media outlets and other realities.

Let's start with the numbers of the press. Vertical magazines, i.e. those dedicated exclusively to video games, are obviously the majority. However, also pay attention to the numbers of generalists: TIME, Forbes, Reno Gazette Journal, NRK do not deal with video games, but have nevertheless decided to award them various awards too, often decided by a single person who edits columns and articles on video games.

There are so many awards, but in the end which is the video game that has triumphed the most and brought home the most titles as Game of the Year? The answer is obviously obvious: it is Elden Ring. In second place, however, we find God of War Ragnarok. Honorable mention for Wordle, the puzzle game that became a case towards the end of last year, which takes home a statuette, as well as Vampire Survivors , also a real phenomenon of the year that straddles the 2021 and 2022. Keep following GameDivision for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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