Oppo Pad Air and Reno8 Pro: made for each other!

Oppo Pad Air and Reno8 Pro: made for each other!

Oppo Pad Air and Reno8 Pro

The way Oppo Pad Air and Oppo Reno8 Pro connect and work together makes accessing data on both devices incredibly fast and intuitive. This is how Multi-Screen Connect can make your life easier!

Using multiple devices to get things done usually requires several steps and, especially in the case of large files, a large waste of time . Even using the cloud, if the Internet connection is not the fastest, you find yourself faced with endless loading screens to make your files accessible.

Oppo Reno8 Pro and Oppo Pad Air solve most of these problems thanks to the Multi-Screen Connect mode which, with the ColorOS 12.1 update of the two devices, gains some interesting features.

How do I activate the Multi-Screen Connect mode?

Access to the sharing system between various Oppo products is very simple and immediate. The first connection requires you to accept some permissions necessary for remote control and file sharing to work, however subsequent connections are literally a tap away.

To activate Multi-Screen Connect, just follow these simple instructions :

on Reno8 Pro pull down the notification area by dragging your finger from top to bottom, then do the same operation again to view the complete list of quick settings; tap the Multi-Screen Connect icon and, if it's your first time, accept all the necessary permissions (alternatively you can go to Settings > Connection and Sharing > Multi-Screen Connect and activate the switch from there); now do the same thing on Oppo Pad Air, the tablet will start looking for the smartphone and requesting the connection; on Oppo Reno8 Pro accept the request and then do the same on the tablet;

you will be asked for permission to record your smartphone screen. Accept; this step is necessary for remote control of the Oppo Reno8 Pro from the tablet.

Et voila! You should now be able to see the Oppo Reno8 Pro home screen on your tablet in a floating window. You can move the window wherever you like or even reduce it to a bubble that will always be ready for use.

Why use Multi-Screen Connect? What are the advantages?

Using Multi-Screen Connect allows you to always have your smartphone at your fingertips, even when it is away from you or in your pocket and you are using Oppo Pad Air due to its comfortable larger screen .

Not only can you read and interact with Oppo Reno8 Pro notifications directly from the tablet, you can actually use all the applications installed on your smartphone, interact with all the settings and even remotely activate the camera!

During screen sharing, Oppo Reno8 Pro turns off its physical display while continuing to show the image on the tablet, thus saving precious energy.

Remote control however, it is only one of the advantages of Multi-Screen Connect. Oppo Reno8 Pro and Oppo Pad Air, when connected, share the so-called "clipboard" (clipboard in English), this means that it will be very easy to copy text or links on the smartphone and then open them immediately on the tablet. Once copied from Reno8 Pro, just tap "Paste" in a text field or in the address bar of the Oppo Pad Air browser.

You have taken some magnificent photos with Reno8 Pro and want to edit them on the fly before sharing them on your social networks? Of course, you can use the editing applications available on your smartphone but why limit yourself to the small screen?

From the window displaying the Reno8 Pro screen on the tablet, navigate to the Gallery app, open it and select the photos you want to transfer to the tablet. Now hold your finger on the photos and drag them out of the frame. If you have performed the operation correctly, you will see a small icon under your finger that you will have to drop wherever you want outside the smartphone window, where you will see the item "Copy to tablet".

In a moment, the selected contents will appear in the gallery of the tablet. Once the changes are finished, if you want to transfer the photos back to your smartphone, open the Gallery on Pad Air, select the files to transfer and drag them into the Oppo Reno8 Pro window.

Yes, it's that simple!

And this drag-and-drop system for fast file sharing doesn't just work with photos and videos. If you use the file manager pre-installed on the two Oppo products (“My Files” app), you can also share PDFs, text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more.

These smart functions allow you to achieve more even when you're on the go. Oppo Pad Air and Oppo Reno8 Pro are the best devices to help users work and study with ease.