You Should Play Tekken 7

tekken 7

We live in a time when you can pick and choose a game to your liking in any genre, and fighting games are no exception. Newer titles are maintained and balanced almost monthly, older titles are being kept alive by the passionate communities, and more and more games support rollback netcode that allows us to play online without any major troubles.

But how does one even approach picking a fighting game to play? Most of them share the same foundational stuff – healthbars, arena orientations, implementation of hitboxes, reliance on frame data and move lists, and so on. But even so, most of them vary wildly in their execution. Even two games from one series can play and feel completely different.

In this material, I will be making a “sales pitch” about why you should play Tekken 7.


Tekken 7’s key difference from the most other prominent fighting games is its gameplay. Unlike the genre staples like StreetFighter, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Guilty Gear, and others it has 3D arenas for the characters to fight in. The three-dimensional structure allows players not only to move forward and back but also to their respective left and right. It opens up a whole other degree of possibilities. Sidestepping is a crucial part of the game, as are the mind games associated with it. Some moves swipe horizontally and cover all the area, others have tracking built into them and they connect with their opponent even if they’re moving away, and others still whiff entirely if juked by the enemy.

Of course, this isn’t the only notable facet of Tekken 7’s gameplay. It’s built with the help of Unreal Engine 4, so all the character models are precise and hitboxes pixel-perfect. When mastered, this game allows the highest level of execution of combos, strings, and juggles. It’s also almost intuitive and incredibly easy to pick up and have some fun with.


Image Source: Wired UK

 Tekken franchise always prided itself on having one of the most diverse and striking casts in the fighting games genre. Tekken 7 is no exception. On the contrary, the developers went above and beyond, introducing more than a dozen new characters, all with their strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. It would be entirely fair to say that Tekken 7 offers a character for fans of every possible playstyle – be it rushdown, defensive game, grappling, or poking. It even has several 2D characters that break some long-established rules of the series just to spice something up.

For a beginner, it would be prudent to test out different styles to then make a decision which fighter to main. For the starters, we recommend checking these characters out:

      Noctis – a rushdown-heavy character that offers many options when pressuring the opponent.

      King – a powerful grappler that can also be played in various ways.

      Asuka Kazama – a defensive fighter that can turtle well and weather the storm of the opponent’s pressure.

      Kazuya Mishima – if you want something with more flair. He requires surgical precision of inputs, but the reward is worth it.

      Akuma – a completely unconventional fighter that will make your friends hate you if you master him.

Visuals and Customization

Image Source: Escapist Magazine

 Fighting games have always had different costumes, color palettes, and otherwise alternative looks for their characters. Tekken usually goes above and beyond, offering the player incredible amounts of customization. There are hundreds of outfits to choose from for every fighter, and you can also change their hairstyle, give them accessories, change colors of powerup auras, pick an intro picture, and even give them tan. The options are limited only by your imagination.

It also helps that the game looks absolutely stunning, being an Unreal Engine 4 project. It has probably the best graphics of any fighting game currently in existence. All the character models were carefully crafted, and even more impressive are the arenas: they’re teeming with detail, from minor decorations to the overall atmosphere of the whole place.

Esports and Community

If the quality of the professional scene is something you care about, then you’ve come to the right address once again. Tekken has one of the most storied, exciting, and talented esports communities in existence. We have the major powerhouse regions like Japan, Korea, and Pakistan with the players like Chikurin, Gen, Knee, JDCR, Arslan Ash, and Awais Honey. Then there is Europe, where the level of the top competitors is so close you can’t guess who will win any of the events. North America is also always looking to prove itself, while other minor regions have their local superstars who consistently hand it to the renowned powerhouses. For example, Book’s legendary Evo Japan 2020 victory will go down in history – he managed to overcome some incredibly stacked competition and win the grand prize.

Video Source: STK

The community side of things is also amazing. There are several places online like Reddit or Discord servers that anyone can visit, ask for advice, and receive competent help. Many people record detailed guides, matchups specific or otherwise, and put them on YouTube. When you feel you’re ready, you can easily find yourself a tournament to take part in – people organize them all over the world, both local and online.


If you want to dedicate yourself to a fighting game, there are lots of valid choices. Tekken 7 is just one of them, but you can never go wrong with it!