Esports News - RLCS Edition

 It is FINALLY time, after 2 LONG, painful years since Covid cancelled the RLCS Season 9 world championships, we are FINALLY getting back to LAN. The lucky people who get to host the show? The ESL Studio in Stockholm Sweden! Seeding has been completed and the first round of games have been announced and since the games start this evening, there’s no better time to be taking a look at some of the VERY FIRST matchups of our Swiss Stage of the Fall Major. So without further adieu, we may as well get straight into it.

 2 long years have passed and we can now finally get under way with the FALL Major, sponsored by Ford. Source: RL Esports Website

 First, I’ll put together a table of the teams involved in the first round of games, who is playing who, their rosters and how they qualified for the major;


Swiss Round 1

 Game 1

Ground Zero (OCE)

EnVy (NA)







Jimmah (Coach)




#2 OCE Seed

#4 NA Seed


Game 2

Dignitas (EU)

Tokyo Verdy (APAC)





Scrub Killa






#2 EU Seed

APAC Qualifier


Game 3

Team BDS (EU)

Complexity (NA)





M0nkey M00n


Kael (Coach)

Agüesome (Coach)



#2 EU Seed

NA Tiebreaker


Game 4


eRa Eternity (SAM)







Musty (Sub)

Michi (Coach)

Sizz (Coach)


#1 NA Seed

#2 SAM Seed


Game 5

G2 (NA)

Sandrock Gaming (MENA)







Satthew (Coach)

mits (Coach)



#2 NA Seed

#1 MENA Seed


Game 6

Endpoint CeX (EU)

Renegades (OCE)







Eclipse (Coach)

LBP (Coach)



#1 EU Seed

#1 OCE Seed


Game 7

FaZe (NA)

Vitality (EU)




Fairy Peak!



Moopy (Coach)

Mout (Coach)



#3 NA Seed

#5 EU Seed


Game 8

Semper (EU)








billy (Coach)

MateusSTL (Coach)



#4 EU Seed

#1 SAM Seed


Right, so now we’ve got that sorted, it’s time to pick a few big games and using my experienced head, I’ll be telling you where I think you should be putting your money. Of course, if you are to get involved in gambling on the RLCS Fall Major, be aware your capital is at risk, never bet above your means and if the fun stops, stop. I’ll be taking a look at places like Bet365, Heritage Sportsbook and various other sites to compare odds to give you the best chance and with a bit of luck we can turn a profit together eh?

 The first game I would like to take a look at is what I believe will fully be a gimmie, the #2 seed from EU, Dignitas playing RLCS newcomers from the APAC Region, Tokyo Verdy. As somebody who absolutely adores Rocket League, isn’t very good at it, but watches ALL the Esports I can physically consume. You’d better believe I watched as much of the APAC N/S Fall splits as I could and look, please don’t take this the wrong way. I mean the APAC region, no disrespect here.

 Tokyo Verdy played some damn good Rocket League and they absolutely smashed every team they came up against on their way to major qualification, but the standard of Rocket League isn’t QUITE there yet, not only that, but I fully believe that their lack of experience on the big stage compared to some of the EU & NA teams is going to be a big factor. If Tokyo Verdy takes ANYTHING from this game, it’ll be game one and only because they’ll catch Dignitas off guard. Dignitas wins this series 3-0 or 3-1, there’s a reason they’re HEAVY favourites for this game at 1/9 (Bet365). One thing I have no doubt about however is that this LAN experience will help Tokyo Verdy grow MASSIVELY and I look forward to seeing their development moving forward!

 The next game that stands out for me is the #2 seed from NA, G2 Esports Vs Sandrock Gaming, the sole participant from the MENA region, on the surface, this is another game that looks pretty straight forward right? G2 SHOULD batter Sandrock Gaming, G2 are 1/4 (Paddy Power) favourites and like with Dignitas, that’s with good reason. But why do I think this game may have more than meets the eye? For anyone who has spent any amount of time watching Rocket League Esports over the last few years, you’ll probably already know who Sandrock Gaming are.

 Sandrock Gaming are a team of, genuinely, some of THE BEST 1v1 players in the world, no cap, as the kids say. They have played teams from EU and NA before, but only in show matches and have somewhat held their own, given the fact these showmatches have been played ONLINE ONLY, meaning SRG would be playing with MASSIVE ping, we’re talking 200ms plus ping. In a game that requires such precise uses of physics like Rocket League, when you’re looking to play at the highest level, that ping makes it impossible. On LAN however? At 11/4 (Bet365) it may be worth a punt on SRG. *eyes emoji*

Complexity (Formerly True Neutral), ajg, Reysbull and Shadd, getting ready to attend their first LAN as North American representatives! Source: RL Esports Twitter

 Last but not least, I’m going to talk about #3 EU Seed, which is a huge surprise to many, Team BDS who will be playing the winner of the NA Tiebreaker (Or #5 seed) Complexity Gaming. Team BDS absolutely DOMINATED RLCS X for Europe, but with no LAN they never REALLY got to test their mettle and this season they haven’t necessarily continued that scintillating form, however they have still been a top tier team and are deservedly getting to compete on LAN. Complexity?

 Well, Complexity, formerly known as True Neutral, were the SOUTH AMERICAN champions, who would’ve EASILY qualified for LAN as the #1 seed in SAM, they dominated that region for a long time, but after discussing their options, they moved from Argentina to Mexico so they could compete in the NA region, they beat EVERYBODY outside of the top 5 teams this season so far showing they deserve to be here. They finished the split tied on points with none other than Spacestation Gaming, oh, were you wondering why they weren’t on this list? Yeah Complexity beat them in a high pressure tie breaker to stop them going to LAN. CRAZY. Team BDS are somewhat narrow favourites at 2/5 (Paddy Power) but with Complexity sitting at 7/4 (Paddy Power)? This is a very close game to call. I can’t look past BDS honestly but if Complexity pulled it out of the bag? Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me… VAMOOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!

 That’s going to do it for this one! Unfortunately we ran out of time to talk about the rest of the games in round 1, but the beauty of it is there are FIVE GAME ROUNDS in the Swiss stage alone! We have SO MUCH Rocket League to take in starting TODAY and ending on Sunday with the grand final. My excitement has been building and I’ve hit boiling point honestly! I wish nothing but the best of luck to all the players, good luck to all of those who are having a punt on the major and as always, gamble sensibly and take care!