Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 discounted by 35% for Back to School!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 discounted by 35% for Back to School!

The offers related to Back to School continue, and given that notebooks play a fundamental role in this sector, we point out the new promotion coming directly from the official Microsoft store, on which it will be possible to buy the Surface Laptop 3 now with a 35% reduction. .

The discount percentage will also be the same regardless of the variant selected and this only makes this offer even more interesting. As you know, the Surface Laptop 3 is one of the most reliable and refined notebooks in the category and, if desired, it can also turn out to be a high-performance machine, since, in addition to the variant with Intel Core i5 processor, you can also choose the one with AMD Ryzen processors 5 and Ryzen 7. The same goes for RAM memory and storage space, which can reach up to 32GB and 1TB respectively. Of course, in the latter case the price increases considerably, but it is also true that, thanks to this initiative, you will save € 1,180.00!

In any case, for a student or for those who will use it moderate it would be wasted to opt for the more expensive variant, and that is why our suggestion, in this case, is to focus on the 13-inch model, in its configuration with Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD, which instead of € 1,499.00 you will pay € 999.00. As anticipated, the Surface Laptops are well-designed notebooks and feature a beautiful high-definition touchscreen display with a 3: 2 ratio, which is more suitable than 16: 9 in many situations.

In addition to this feature that distinguishes it from other notebooks, the Surface Laptop is designed to be unlocked more quickly and securely and boasts an autonomy that can easily exceed 10 hours of use. Fast charging is added to the excellent autonomy, which will allow you to recharge 80% in one hour. In short, a notebook designed to use it and connect almost everywhere, able to give life to your ideas and maintain maximum productivity.

That said, we just have to leave you the link of the Microsoft page at the bottom, from which you can discover the different variants of Surface Laptop 3. And with this we anticipate that today's offers are not yet finished, in addition to reminding you to follow us also on our Telegram channels, in particular those dedicated to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products, such as those of the brands Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei. Happy shopping!